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two people who want to be together.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Ashley Elizabeth *

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oh crap.... [08 May 2006|11:33am]
[ mood | in love ]

crap i havent updated in a while.. lol... so anyway.. i've got a new boyfriend.. i've been with him for 3 months... && prom is coming up... im going to 2.. mine && branfords.. lol.. uh let see what else.. oh yess auntie donna had the baby... MEGAN JEAN BUTTON... she is too cute... uh what else.. meliss got her car... im probably never gettin my liscense... uhhhh.... i think that's it for now.. if i think of anything else i'll write it later... so im going.. toodles!


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wasted snow day...... [03 Jan 2006|05:41pm]
[ mood | sore ]

heyy guys.. the first entry of 2006.... well me nd bill are no longer together... u probably already kno that though... ive decided with the help of jmo that guys are only good for one thing... and it aint their looks.. lol.. thanks jess... i guess its good im back on the market though... and i start off single for 06... haha...so did meliss but now she's back with her boo.. that's a long story... lol... well im gonna go b/c i have nothing else to right about and i need some food... so tata for now.. xOxO


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It's Raining Men..... [22 Oct 2005|09:42am]
[ mood | excited ]

heyy guys... well today we're having a tag sale.. and im freezing my ass off.. lol.. nd im supposed to go to the trail tonight with janica, courtney, pj, danielle, nick, and one of nicks friends... who knows if that's still on....oh yea and football finally won their first game.. yah!! lol..we'll that's all i have to write right now... im going peace.. xOxO


p.s new layout is u can't tell

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wild thang.... [04 Oct 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | thankful for my great friends ]

heyy... ok well this past week has been interesting... i found out that steve likes someone closer to him that goes to his school.. well that just sucks.. so i cried thursday night & friday night... y are guys such losers.. lol.. but yea so this weekend was ok.. i babysat friday night & again saturday night... then sunday night i went to the big e.. nd got a airbrush shirt with my name on it.. wore that to school today... since monday me, court and john keep gettin new insiders... like his new pick up line...here's the story courtney and him were in health.. nd he was fanning her.. so courtney turned around and he said to her "im sorry your just so hot".. haha its so cheezy but so adorbale... and then today he said:

john: fuck a guy, leave him, & never talk to him again
courtney: then why do i still talk to you
john: cause i was just that good
courtney: uh no!

oh yea and courtney and john have never done anything together.. thought i'd get that out.. lol.. nd they never will.. court doesn't like him like that.

way to ruin his manhood.. haha.. that's funny...but yea so that made my week... i love them.. lol.. well that's pretty much it for now.. so i'll ttyl.. xO


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Stolen from Amanda.... [24 Sep 2005|03:38pm]
[ mood | i lOvE mY hUbBy -- stephen <3 ]

End Of Summer Survey

have you changed this summer 2005?: i guess...

spent the night with someone?: Nope

drank untill your stomach hurt?: nah

laughed until you almost peed your pants?: yea..lol

vacationed?: Canada 05 & New Hampshire 05

tanned?: that's all i did

went to a camp?: yea basketball

swam?: yes.. at my grandparent's pool and the lake

went to the movies?: i didnt go to the movies but i watched a movie at billy's cabin

went shopping?: yea i did

had a job?: nah

got freakishly bored?: nope

gotten sun burned yet?: haha yea from laying on the raft with the guys

made a bonfire?: not a bonfire but we had a fire for sparklers and marshmellows

went outside during a lightning storm?: for a lil while

went to another state?: yea new hampshire

went to another country?: Canada

changed something about your appearance?: started wearing eye makeup more often and scrunching my hair more often

commited a crime/broken the law?: haha nope

went on a road trip?: umm.. well if u count the canada trip and new hampshire trip then i guess.. but if not then no

went to a concert?: my first one... DMB

did something with a guy/girl?: Hugged

had a g/f or b/f?: nope but did find someone i like and likes me

dumped a g/f or b/f?: haha he dumped me

kissed someone?: nope

been in trouble with the cops/parents?: parents yes... po po no

had a memorable moment?: haha the whole summer

had a horrible moment?: yea u could say that

ran from the law?: nah im a good girl

lied to your parents?: ehh no

gotton so drunk you forgot what happened?: Nah i was good this summer

smoked weed?: nah

snuck out?: Nahh.

gone skinny dipping?: haha no

missed a friend?: yea

gone on vacation with no parents?: nahh

Slept under the stars?: nahh

thought about school?: nahh

been to the beach?: that's the only place i was in new hampshire for 2 straight weeks

thought about a special someone?: yea everyday after he left me in new hampshire

hoped they thought about you too?: see above

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Hanging By A Moment Here With You.... [24 Sep 2005|03:32pm]
[ mood | missing steve ]

heyy... whats up... well let's just say that lately my life has sucked... im punished because i failed a test... nd i have to try to get to steve's friend sean's game tomorrow w/o my mom knowing that he's gonna be there... i think i may just say me nd someone else wanna go see who's playing... maybe i'll see if meliss wants to go... but i have to babysit tonight from 5-12.. uh... but hey im gettin paid haha.. well i guess i should go and finish my project so i don't fail.. ttyl.. xOxO


leave me lots of comments please

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sOoO LoNg sWeEt sUmMeR [10 Sep 2005|06:13pm]
[ mood | loved ]

heyy guys... just a quick update before i go off to the fall fest... i went last night and worked the basketball stand... saw mike hung out with him a little bit... he almost got into a fight with some branford kids but luckily that didn't happen... phew!.. i have no clue what it was over... something with joey t... idk... but yea so he didnt get into a fight or nothing... talked to him today... he's not coming he's gotta work... but its ok...ill see him tomorrow... oh yea nd im not going after stephen any more... i decided that everyone is right.. it is too far away.. expecially with gas so high now.. i would still love to be friends with him though.. i just hope he understands.. i want someone closer.. like mike lol.. so yea i g2g... i'll ttyl...bye...xOxO


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Let The Good Times Roll.... [03 Sep 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | creative ]

heyy everyone... i started school thursday and let me just say... already theres drama.. haha.. i should have known with my friends.. haha... i love them but there always seems to be drama.. lol... im still loving stephen.. lol... i hopefully get to see him at the north haven fair... even though none of my friends wanna go b/c of the fall fest... so now its gonna be me, him, dan, and joe.. those are his two friends.. lol... so im gonna be the only girl.... haha.. ehh im used to it.. i spent a week hanging with all guys.. lol... nd the best thing is that we're not even going out nd i can talked to him any time about anything for however long... i talked to him thursday night for 45 min... longer than i was able to talk to matt when i first started going out with him... lol... guess that should tell me something huh.. lol... well im gonna go... watching a re-run of the vma's.. then im going to my grandmother's for the night... were going to a cutters game.. they're playing worcester... should be a good game.. well i'll ttyl.. leave me some love on here and myspace... xOxO


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Everytime I Think About You I Smile.... [28 Aug 2005|02:49pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

heyy guys.... i went back up to new hampshire for 3 days.. nd had fun... i went on a cruise around the lake... i never realized how big it was lol... i can't wait for next summer... hopefully i'll go up to the first week... i go back to school on thursday... i dont wanna... well im gonna go now.. xOxO

Love, Ashley

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Everytime We Touch I Get This Feeling...... [18 Aug 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]

heyy everyone.... ok so im sure u wanna here the scoop on my vaca.... well the first week i got there nd i was like i dont kno ne one... lol... i saw three guys along with tj playing in the water... i was like damn... lol... two of them were hot... nd the other was ok but my best friends cousin... lol... well i had a lil six year old boyfriend for most of the week.. tj.... nd thanks to him i made new friends... bill, steve, and eric... my new friends... lol... i was nervous at first to hang with them but then i guess i just got used to them... one of them was the sweetest thing.. steven... he was like the first one to actually start a conversation with me.. then me nd him kinda hung out on our own... nothing happened.. lol.. on thursday we were out on the raft and bill's dad dave came out nd said to steven u two make a really cute couple right steve??... nd steve was like yea sure... acting like he had no clue.. but really i think he knew what he said... lol... i got invited to hart's with him on thursday but idiot me turned him down... i didnt wanna leave my grandmother when come to find out she didnt care if i went or not... wtf... lol... then thursday night after he got back from hart's he ended up going up to this girl kyle's cabin nd everyone kept telling me to go up there with him but i didn't really want to... then later on he came back down nd claimed that he came down b/c he had already seen the movie.. when he came down we did some sparklers and of course he had to be a show off nd run to the end of the dock with the sparkler..then on friday we hung out some more... nd friday night we did more sparklers.. nd just sat and talked so more... on the beach we tried to take a pic... but it didnt come out... nd everyone in the little adult circle decided to start singing summer lovin.... so now every time i hear that song i think of him.. lol... then we headed up to his cabin for a little while nd took a picture and said goodbye... in case ur wondering he's from southington... which isn't that far away.... so then the second week... tj was mad at me for taking the picture with his "best friend".. nd i hung out with brittney, jesse, nd erica... i helped them get there shmore fire going nd almost lite brit on fire.. haha... sorry... i probably had more fun the first week but i did have some good times the second week... i watched a beer pong game... haha... that was great... i went on the jet ski... went tubing... and went tried to get up watersking... but did a faceplant... haha... well that's my vaca for you... nd guess what i get to go back up aug. 25-27.. with my auntie... well i'm gonna go now.. i'll ttyl.. xOxO

Love, Ashley

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This Is What Dreams Are Made Of <33 [29 Jul 2005|02:19pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

heyy wow its been a while... well tomorrow im leaving for new hampshire... dont miss me too much... i went to niagra falls last week with my grandfather and cousins... oh yea and try listening to jess saying your mom everytime u say something... i thought i was gonna kill her... but i didn't... lol... omg nd the karaoke up there was hillarious... nd me nd the girls thought we were bad.. there were girls singing girls just wanna have fun... nd they were horrible... but there were some little kids that went up and sang and it was adorable... two little boys sang live like you were dying - tim mcgraw... and a little girl went up and sang.. get tangled up in me - Skye Sweetnam... it was cute... i got myself a couple shirts and my parents, grandmothers, and aunt something... along with the neighbors, sam, george, and sherri... we went swimming in the pool at the brock plaza and there was a cute kid there... nd wouldn't stop looking at me nd jess... lol... i saw some brazilian guys looking at me... couldn't understand what they were saying.. lol... the canadian boys have nice cars though... lol... well that's about it for now... i'll be back in 2 weeks with more... ttyl.. xO


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howdie [27 May 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

wow i haven't updated in a while.. well this past weekend i went to Louisiana.. pretty fun.. got to see all my cousins.. and my step-cousin berkley.. interesting car ride from the graduation to the house with her.. won't go into that.. went to the boardwalk with matthew, amanda, and danielle.. saw monster-in-law.. very funny movie.. then on monday went back with auntie kathy, connor, mom, dad, andrew, and danille before we left.. then got on the plane to go to atlanta.. then from atlanta went to cincinatti.. then from cincinatti to new haven.. let me just say that was a long ass day.. then i had to wake up for school the next day.. so i was tired.. i looked dead.. i felt better a little bit each day but i need alot of sleep.. my carrie won american idol.. hell yea.. i miss the hot weather.. i wanna go back... i got a nice tan.. yay... now i gotta sit here in this cold ass weather.. i wish i lived there... well i guess that's all for now... but i will talk to ya'll later.. haha.. i even picked up on ya'll and yes ma'am and no ma'am.. haha.. kk well g2g xO


P.S Here is a daily quote.. im gonna start that.. since i have no life.. haha

"Growing up is never easy. You hold on to
things that were. You wonder what's to come.
But that night, I think we knew it was time
to let go of what had been and look ahead to
what would be. Other days, now days, days to
come. The thing is, we didn't have to hate
each other for getting older. We just had to
forgive ourselves for growing up. "
- The Wonder Years

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It's Prom Night.... [13 May 2005|03:33pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

heyy guyz... it's prom night and alot of my friends are going... which kinda sucks.. cause i can't go.. o well.. i get to clean the house.. do laundry.. and then go to north branford for my brother's baseball game.. o what fun.. haha.. omg did u see the oc last night.. caleb died.. hmm.. i wonder y.. JULIE COOPER!!.. haha.. sorry im weird i kno.. lol.. but come on if u kno me well u kno im a big OC nut.. i have season one on dvd.. thats how obsesed i am with that show... haha.. oh yea nd myspace sucks right now cause i can't get in to do anything.. DAMN IT!!... haha.. im weird.. me nd matt have been going out for almost 6 months.. that's a long time.. lol.. im weird i kno... 4 DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!.. nd my family party is on Sunday... and ONE WEEK UNTIL I LEAVE FOR LOUISIANA!!!... gonna be mad fun down there.. right sara and berk.. haha.. ilug... oh yea nd right now im sick of certain friends calling me names that definately don't fit me.. like whore.. nd tellin ppl that i wear skirts so that the guys can see my underwear.. nd to get guys attention.. ya ok.. look whos talking.. at least i wear shirts that cover my FUCKIN Chest.. god.. nd if ur reading this then maybe now that u kno how i feel u'll stop.. nd if not then u can forget being friends b/c im sick and tired of being treated like this.. ok now that i got that out.. i g2g.. i'll ttyl.. xOxO


P.S Here's a good quote...

Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.
- A Cinderella Story

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Janie's Got A Gun.... [20 Apr 2005|04:17pm]
[ mood | we broke 80 degrees!! ]

hey losers... whats up.. my vacation is going well hows yours... i went to the beach today with matt.. got sand thrown at me lol.. nd now im gonna be going to my brother's practice.. tomorrow im going to the bronx zoo.. that will be fun.. with matt and his family.. in 8 days it will be 5 months.. it goes by so fast.. wow.. lol.. well im gonna go now.. i'll ttyl xOxO

<33 Ashley

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This Shit Is Bananas... B-A-N-A-N-A-S [11 Apr 2005|08:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

heyy all, whats poppin.. haha.. ghetto talk.. well i havent written in here in a while.. so whats up with ya'll.. nm with me.. me nd matt have been dating for 4 months now.. and we're still going strong.. alyssa and nick are now dating and on the 22nd it will be 1 month.. haha.. nd meliss and brandon broke up again along with lauren and sabby.. who knows what will happen.. laur and leonard leave for italy on friday.. nd the varsity girls leave for florida on sat. @ 4am.. haha.. i'll still be sleeping while they're up at the school.. i dont even wanna go to florida.. nd if i did i would have to play any games.. nd i could tan on the beach and shop all i want.. haha.. ya so my life pretty much sucks right about now.. i found out cassone gave me a 62.. i have no idea how i got a 62 in his class.. i should have gone up but whatever.. ne wayz we've had capts for the past 3 weeks.. nd i hate it.. cant wait till wednesday until it's all over.. that way i wont have to hear about it untill next year.. when i find out which ones i passed.. hopefully all of them.. yea if u cant tell me nd jill have been singing that song all day.. nd now i cant get it out of my head.. omg DAVE MATTHEWS BAND has a new cd coming out on MAY 10.. i cant wait.. maybe i'll get it for my birthday.. nd for my Sweet 16 im having a luau theme birthday.. i already have alot of the stuff.. tomorrow i have practice.. nd then wednesday i have a poetry reading thing for italian.. im so nervous.. matt and everyone tell me not to be but i can't help it.. lol... let's see what other news do i have for all of you.. oh yea.. on April 30 i get to model in a fashion show at old stone church.. the church im converting to when i make my confirmation.. haha.. I leave for Louisiana in a little more than a month.. im so excited.. nd next week is april break.. spend the whole break with matt.. hehe.. well im gonna go.. i ran out of things to tell you about.. i'll ttyl.. xOxO

<33 Ashley

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heyy guyz... [25 Mar 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | i miss my matt ]

whats up.. im at my grandmother's house having a sleep over with my cousins from louisiana.. i had an awesome day with matt.. i miss him so much though.. i really really love him.. well im gonna go cause we're watching napoleon dynamite.. haha.. funny ass movie.. well g2g.. lyl.. xOxO

<33 Ashley

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I'm going crazy..... [21 Mar 2005|09:04pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

heyy all.. today was an ok day.. i had a little misunderstanding with matt.. but i think its ok.. hopefully.. u kno u love the new background.. OC Baby!!!... haha.. i just love seth and summer together.. lol.. I MADE SOFTBALL!!!.. aren't you proud of me.. lol.. sorry im just really hyper right now.. haha.. i had the best weekend thanks to melissa's party.. HAMPSTER!! haha.. i cant spell.. haha.. oh me nd matt changed our song.. its boyz to men - do i ever cross your mind.. i love that song.. lol.. well im gonna go now.. cause i gotz ta get to bed.. lyl.. xOxO

<33 Ashley

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I Need You Now.... [01 Mar 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i just love my sister... going around telling everyone im really not sick... she dont kno shit.. i fukkin woke up this morning with a sore throat.. stuffy nose.. nd have had headaches all day... at one point i couldnt even lift my head up.. i came downstairs, my mom took one look at me and said whats wrong.. even she knew i wasnt feeling good.. but w/e my sister likes to talk shit when im not around.. i just love that.. well ne ways.. matt called me this morning to say hi.. nd i told him i wasnt feeling good.. so he told me that he hoped i feel better.. then later on i called him to talk nd he asked how i was feeling.. that's so sweet... i dont wanna do this stupid thing for basketball.. argh.. if it was lifting i would wanna go.. but its working on skills.. thats y im going to camp in the summer.. thats y i spent $300 on the camp.. i feel like my money went to waste.. i dont even wanna go to school tomorrow.. but i have to b/c i have something for the capt in biology.. argh.. well i g2g i'll ttyl.. xOxO

Love Always,

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Some ppl wait a lifetime for a moment like this..... [28 Feb 2005|10:09pm]
[ mood | without my baby ]

heyy guyz.. omg i had an amazing weekend...

i was with matt all day.. went and volunteered at the special olympics.. then went back to his house.. then came bakk home to ppl over my house.. including my little 2 & 3 year old cousins

i was with matt again all day.. volunteered again.. then went to his house.. nd went to my grandmothers.. but i also found out that ant was at powder ridge for a snowboarding contest.. pretty cool.. i guess he placed 10th out of 25 ppl.. not bad.. lol.. now if only matt could get into something like that.. lol.

is my 3 month anniversary with matt!!! longest relationship ever.. lol.. nd its snowing.. lol.. well i g2g.. i'll ttyl.. xOxO

Love Always,

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More Stuff I've Been Told... [25 Feb 2005|12:00pm]
[ mood | touched ]

ok i was talking to someone.. im not gonna mention the name and this is everything he said about matt...

he is really a nice person to hang out with because he has lots of manners and respect for people he is also very funny
he has a soft heart
he is kind and gentile and likes to make people really happy
he is like an angel
you are really lucky to find him he is one of 2 milllion people to find and love

omg i wanted to cry when this person said this.. lol.. im gonna go now.. ilu matt.. xOxO

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